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Spirit’s private MPLS network gives you highly scalable, flexible, cost-effective connectivity that can grow with your business.


Our private fiber-based Carolina (MPLS) network ties together all of your locations enabling a converged private network for voice, data, and video. It allows you and your employees to take advantage of seamless, secure connectivity and business continuity anywhere, anytime. Now, they can have access to mission critical applications, voice (VoIP), video, conferencing, and share Intranets/Extranets whenever and wherever needed.

Whether you need to connect securely and privately point to point, inter-site (LAN) or multi-site (WAN), our Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) and Sprit’s Virtual Private Routed Network (VPRN) can do it all- start to finish.

With Spirit’s MPLS solution, your information never touches the public Internet. It remains on Spirit’s private fiber–based Carolina network ensuring your data’s security and privacy. You can be guaranteed that your proprietary, sensitive data is fully protected and inaccessible beyond the origination and destination points.

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